Youth is Served at State Team in Minot was launched in the fall of 2012. December of that season marked the first NDBPA State Scratch Team Tournament that was covered by the website. That season, Team ND Storm (Dave Schick, Randy Peterson, Eric Kempel, Bob Vander Vorst) claimed the title with a score of 10472 at Buffalo Lanes in Jamestown, ND. Over the next 3 years, Team ND Storm made it a habit of winning this event despite the ever changing lane conditions as well as a different venue each season.

Team ND Storm followed up the win in 2012 with a win in 2013 (Sunset Lanes – Moorhead, MN), 2014 (Million Dollar Lanes – Williston, ND), and 2015 (The Bowler – Fargo, ND). The impressive run of team titles for ND Storm comes at no surprise given the amount of talent on the team. Over 4 year run of titles, the team has posted winning scores of 10472, 10051, 10167, and 10029. Some years, the lane conditions are a bit tougher, and other years the pattern plays quite a bit easier. Regardless, you could always count on the crafty veteran ND Storm team to put up a good number and it would take an impressive effort from another team to dethrone them. After this past weekend in Minot, there is a new sheriff in town.

Team Double Stuffed Lefties From Left: Nordick, Parvey, Wallstrum, Wolf

Team Double Stuffed Lefties
From Left: Nordick, Parvey, Wallstrum, Wolf

The tournament kicked off on Saturday where 16 teams made the trip to North Hill Bowl in Minot. All teams would bowl 6 games both Saturday and Sunday where the high pin total would determine the winner. On Saturday, Team Double Stuffed Lefties (Blake Wallstrum, Eric Parvey, Brad Nordick, and Thomas Wolf) made their presence known by leading the field with a 6 game total of 5384. On Sunday, Team Double Stuffed Lefties posted games of 924, 869, 880, 944, and 904 to race out to a huge lead. Game 6 was a mere victory lap for the team finishing out with an 838 and a 10743 total. The 10743 score marks the highest winning total in the era. (223.81 average per person)

While the pattern played fairly easy, the winning team outpaced the field by over 21 pins per game and placed all 4 members in the top 12 for the singles option.

Team Double Stuffed Lefties – 10743
Thomas Wolf – 2746
Eric Parvey – 2729
Blake Wallstrum – 2638
Brad Nordick – 2630

Team Standings (Top 5)
Doubles Stuffed Lefties – 10743
Damn Lefty – 10483 (R. Sandvick, Olsen, Breckel, Smith)
Sunset Lanes – 10362 (Wagner, Handlos, Theilbar, Morris)
Lucky Strike Lounge – 10347 (Tofteland, Green, Theobald, Selk)
ND Storm – 10318 (Schick, Peterson, Vander Vorst, Kempel)

On the singles side of the tournament, it was once again Randy Peterson claiming the top prize with a score of 2772 (231 Average). Peterson also claimed the singles option at the NDBPA Doubles event down in Mandan. Nice bowling Randy!

Singles Standings (Top 5)
Randy Peterson – 2772
Wade Scott – 2759
Thomas Wolf – 2746
Eric Parvey – 2729
Tracy Tofteland – 2693

Team finished with a 12 game total of 10026. Tyler Sandvig of West Fargo put in a guess of 10023 on our Facebook page and was the winner of the Gamebreaker 2 Phenom giveaway. Congratulations Tyler! Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will be running another contest this week to win a great prize from the folks at Turbo 2-n-1 Grips!

Congratulations to team Double Stuffed Lefties on their first NDBPA State Scratch Team title. Also, shout out to Randy Peterson on another great weekend of bowling claiming the singles title once again.

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