Rauser/Bender Win Super Bowl Baker Doubles

Super Bowl Sunday is a day where friends gather, food and drinks are consumed, and an exciting football game is played. However, if you are a bowler, Super Bowl Sunday means a little more than an annual football game.

Sunday marked the annual Super Bowl Baker Doubles event at Midway Lanes in Mandan, ND. For many years, this tournament has been held to provide a different tournament format and a chance for bowlers to experience the lane pattern to be used at the seasons final Major, the KFYR TV Bowling Classic. 37 doubles teams made the trek to Mandan without any weather issues. Teams would bowl 12 baker games with high pin total winning the event.

The lane condition used was fairly playable early, but the transition required bowlers to make bigger than normal moves to maintain their scoring pace. Coming out on top was Troy Bender and Bruce Rauser. The duo stayed ahead of transition and avoided a tournament killing game for much of the day. Through the first 10 games, Bender/Rauser had a high game of 224 and a low game of 182. The model of consistency helped pave the way for a 276 game 11 which vaulted them into the lead. A 208 final game sealed the deal and gave them the 2014 Super Bowl Doubles title and the $820 top prize. Nice bowling!

Thank you to all bowlers who made the trip to Mandan, ND to bowl this event. The excitement continues next weekend back in Mandan, ND for the seasons final Major, the KFYR TV Bowling Classic! Tune into NDBowling.com for news and updates surrounding this great event. Once again, congratulations to Troy Bender and Bruce Rauser for winning the 2014 Super Bowl Baker Doubles! Thank you for visiting NDBowling.com!

Final Results

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