What You Need to Know: NDBowling.com Ground Rules

The past few weeks have been interesting here at NDBowling.com. With changes happening all around, it seems necessary to lay down a few ground rules/guidelines for the site going forward.

1.) NDBowling.com reports news, updates, tournament dates, and results.
I know this seems obvious, but it has come up quite a bit lately as to what should and should not belong on NDBowling.com. While I understand everyone has their opinion of the site and what it should contain, this is what NDBowling.com is about. This includes both good and bad news, postitive/negative updates, good and bad tournament results….ect.

2.) The site is not designed to bash people.
95% of what is posted to NDBowling.com involves praise to bowlers who have performed at exceptional level or have had outstanding careers. However, there has been in the past, and will be in the future, news updates of unfortunate events. These updates are not intended to bash people. The general bowling population deserves to know what is going on in the bowling world and relies on NDBowling.com to provide those updates, good or bad.

3.) Article Comments
In past NDBowling.com articles, a few comments from our viewers have been rather harsh. While these comments do not reflect the views and opinions of NDBowling.com, I do ask that all viewers refrain from using names and to keep comments clean going forward. It is ok to discuss the issue at hand, but do so in an orderly fashion.

4.) NDBowling.com is a one-man operation.
Many people think the site is ran by a group of people who can answer any question at any time and post updates/results as soon as they happen. If I don’t get to a question, or don’t have results from a tournament posted by 8 AM on Monday morning, please be patient. If it has been more than a week and results are still not posted or I haven’t addressed your question, please contact me (my email is posted at the bottom of the screen or use the ‘Contact NDBowling.com’ link on the right side of the page)

5.) NDBowling.com Feedback
NDBowling.com was started, and currently run, off of pure passion for the sport of bowling. Feedback is what drives me to continue doing what I am doing. If I know that fans are enjoying what I write and report about, I stay motivated to keep going. If you like a story hit the like button, share the story on Facebook, ‘retweet’ our news stories on Twitter, or comment with your thoughts. Let others know about NDBowling.com. The more people that are visiting NDBowling.com, following us on Twitter and Facebook, the more likely companies are to sponsor the site and the events that I run. (NDBowling.com Challenge, Tour, & Rankings) Suggestions and constructive criticism are also encouraged. So, don’t be afraid. Speak up and spread the word!

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