What You Need to Know: Kickoff Classic & NDBowlTV

NDBowling.com will kickoff the 2014-2015 season this weekend in Jamestown at the NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic. This tournament marks the first event in the NDBowling.com Tour and Scratch Rankings, and also marks the season debut for NDBowlTV. With the tournament just 3 days away, we would like to fill you in on what you need to know before the weekend.

The NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic was created by the fine folks at Buffalo Lanes in Jamestown, ND. With a void in the schedule due to the cancellation of the Fisher Beverage Scratch Classic in Rapid City, Buffalo Lanes took the lead in giving bowlers a place to bowl this weekend. The tournament will be limited to 80 bowlers and will feature an 8 game qualifying round on Saturday beginning at 11 AM. Following the 8 game qualifier, the top 16 or 20 bowlers will advance depending on the number of entries. With $2000 added, the NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic boasts a fairly attractive payout. Pair that with brackets, side pots, and blind draw doubles; bowlers will have several opportunities to walk away with a portion of the prize. To view the official poster for the NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic, click HERE.

The NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic will also be broadcast on NDBowlTV, a live streaming service provided by NDBowling.com. The current plan is to broadcast the stepladder finals on NDBowlTV. Since we do not know when exactly that will be, I encourage all bowlers to keep an eye on our Facebook Page or the Twitter feed on the right hand side of your screen. I will post updates on broadcast days as to when we will be going live. The live stream can be accessed by clicking on the “NDBowlTV” Logo on the right hand side of your screen. You can also access the stream by visiting www.youtube.com/ndbowling

If you subscribe to our Youtube Page, you will receive emails as to when live events are scheduled. Please visit and subscribe today!

I also ask that all fans understand that NDBowlTV is still a bare-bones operation. The equipment that we are using is enough to broadcast to computers everywhere, but not good enough to offer features such as multiple camera angles and on screen scoreboards. Please be patient as I do anticipate growing pains in this operation. There will be times that the feed will go down, but always know that I will be working to restore the stream if this were to happen. As time goes on, we will upgrade our equipment to provide a better experience for our fans.

NDBowlTV would also like to connect with viewers during the broadcast. Using the hashtag #NDBowlTV, fans will be able to communicate with me and others in the booth at any time. Simply use the hashtag in Facebook posts or on Twitter and we will be able to respond to your question/s live on air.

I look forward to providing bowling entertainment into the homes of many. Spread the word about our broadcast on Sunday by sharing the link on Facebook or posting a Tweet on Twitter.

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