USBC Open Championships Preview: Team

It is May and the bowling season is winding down. Leagues are finishing up and local open tournaments are coming down to the final weekends of competition. As I dust off the golf clubs and begin summer projects around the house, I have to quickly remind myself that my work on the lanes is far from over. The month of May has become one of my favorite months as Spring begins to settle in and Team heads to the USBC Open Championships.

This will be my 4th year traveling to the USBC Open and my 3rd year bowling at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV. While many talk of being sick of Reno and not bowling the tournament when it is held in Reno, I find myself itching to go back each year regardless of location. This tournament carries such a rich tradition and the history of the event is incredible. What’s not to love about this tournament? You get to bowl in the best venues in our sport, against some of the best bowlers in our sport, for some of the most coveted titles in our sport. All it takes is one great showing at the USBC Open and your bowling career could change forever.

This season, I will be bowling the tournament with yet again another great group of guys. Last season, both of our teams finished plus and had a great time doing so. I even recall a friendly competition between the two teams which came down to the tenth frame of the final game. Here are the two teams this season:

Team 1:
Lonnie Thielbar
Ralph Hennebry
Brady Pederson
Rob Pederson
Mike Larson

Team 2:
Lance Teubner
Rob Henne
Ken Fletcher
Daren Seney
Tad Schmidt

Team will take the lanes on May 20th at 7 PM Reno time for Team event. We will bowl Doubles and Singles on May 21st at 11 AM Reno time. I feel like our teams could match up well with the two USBC Open patterns. We will be taking advantage of the showcase lanes again this season to get the team on the same page before we bowl. I look forward to bowling at the National Bowling Stadium once again.

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