Scratch Players Ranking System

Ranking System

Have you ever wondered where you stand among the best bowlers in the region? The sport of bowling in the area has never had a true ranking system to determine who the better bowlers are. is going to change that. New for the 2014-2015 season, will debut the new Scratch Players Ranking System. Created by owner Daren Seney, the Scratch Players Ranking System awards points based on performance and number of entries at select scratch tournaments around the region.

Here is how the ranking system will work:
For each event, a point system was created to award points based on performance. 1st place receiving 50 points and 40th place receiving 1 point (1st – 10th have 2 point increments and 11th – 40th have 1 point increments). In each event, the number of points awarded to each bowler is multiplied by a fraction that pertains to the number of entries in that particular event.

For example, if the tournament has 50 entries, the bowlers points would be multiplied by .050. If the tournament has 125 entries, the points would be multiplied by .125.

-Joe Bowler A
Wins the 2015 CMA Memorial Shootout with 130 entries. He would receive 6.5 points. (50 x .130)
-Joe Bowler B
Finishes 20th at the CMA Memorial Shootout with 130 entries. He would receive 2.73 points (21 x .130)
-Joe Bowler C
Wins the 2015 Manitoba Open with 95 entries. He would reveive 4.75 points. (50 x .095)

*****EDIT – The system was changed slightly so that more points are given. The system still works the same way, but instead of winning 4.75 for winning a 95 entry tournament, you now get 47.5 points. Change was made prior to anyone being awarded points.*******

If the given event does not reach 40 entries, the point system will still apply up to the number of entries in the event. However, a maximum of 40 bowlers will receive points at any given event.

The ranking system will be an ongoing points system. After the first season is completed, each bowler will obtain points awarded at each event until that event has completed the following season. If you were to win the 2015 CMA Memorial Shootout, you will keep those points for an entire year until the 2016 Shootout.

What Events Will Be Included? Kickoff Classic – Moorhead, MN(October)
-ND State Scratch Doubles (Scratch Singles Option) – Various Locations (November)
-ND State Scratch Team (Scratch Singles Option) – Various Locations (December)
-Manitoba Open – Winnipeg, MB (January)
-CMA Memorial Shootout – Minot, ND (January)
-KFYR TV Bowling Classic – Mandan, ND (February)
-Aberdeen Scratch Tournament – Aberdeen, SD (February) Classic – Fargo, ND (March)

How to be included:
Do you want to become part of the Scratch Players Ranking System? Bowlers can enter into the ranking system by becoming an member. Membership costs a one time fee of $10 (for life!). Bowlers will receive an official patch (available this summer). Additional patches will be available at a reduced cost for members. Bowlers can purchase a membership at any tournament, however, points can not be earned until membership has been purchased.

If you have questions about the ranking system or would like to get your name on the list for a membership, please contact Daren –>

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