Parvey Caps 2016-2017 Season with Player of the Year Honors

Following the Seasons’ Final Major, the final Scratch Rankings for the 2016-2017 season were determined. Here are the Player and Team of the Year Winners:

Eric Parvey – 137.01 (Player of the Year)
Jeremiah Smith – 127.51
Thomas Wolf – 120.38
Jack Nelson – 114.97
Blake Wallstrum – 111.66

Eric Parvey captured his first Player of the Year award following a consistent 2016-17 Season. Parvey earned 17.94 points at the Kickoff Classic in October, but it was in December, January and February where he made the biggest move. Parvey earned 24.64 points at the State Scratch Team tournament (singles option) and followed it up with 10.11 and 29.12 points at the Manitoba Open and CMA Shootout respectively. Parvey would solidify his spot at the top of the list following a 3rd place finish at the KFYR TV Bowling Classic which netted the 3-time Major winner 55.2 points and a comfortable lead in the standings.

Thomas Wolf and Jeremiah Smith claim spots on the Team of the Year for the second consecutive season. Last season, Thomas Wolf captured the Player of the Year award with a record 153.68 points. Smith earned team of the year honors last season with a total of 115.1 points.

Rounding out the top 5 were Jack Nelson and Blake Wallstrum. Both Nelson and Wallstrum made big jumps in the standings following the KFYR TV Bowling Classic where both players made the TV Finals.

Congratulations to all 5 players on an exceptional season!

Final Standings

2 year Scratch Rankings statistics:

2 year points average:
1 – Thomas Wolf 137.03
2 – Jeremiah Smith 121.30
3 – Matt Smallin 108.02
4 – Jack Nelson 98.26
5 – Chris Charles 96.79
6 – Blake Wallstrum 93.62
7 – Eric Parvey 88.45
8 – Jon Breckel 88.17
9 – Travis Hersrud 87.45
10 – Randy Peterson 83.04

Biggest improvements from 15-16 to 16-17 season (over 20 pts)
1 – Eric Parvey +97.11
2 – Justin Schiffler +77.34
3 – Tim Frenz +43.14
4 – Tayler Wallstrum +36.88
5 – Blake Wallstrum +36.08
6 – Daren Seney +34.24
7 – Jack Nelson +33.42
8 – Bob Vander Vorst +25.36
9 – Wade Scott +24.00

In 2015, created a scratch rankings system that was designed to award points to players based on performances in scratch tournaments. Points available at each tournament were dependent on the number of entries in the particular event. The more players you beat, the more points you earn. Shortly after the ranking system was created, a series of 8 tournaments were compiled and a season-long point race would determine the Player and Team of the year honors. The rankings schedule includes tournaments in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba between October and March. Visit the “Rankings” tab above to view the season schedule and Player and Team of the year awards from past seasons. To be included in the Scratch Rankings, you must be an Rankings Member. Membership is $10 for life. Contact Daren Seney ( for more information.

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