NDBowling.com Scratch Rankings 2015-2016

The NDBowling.com Scratch Rankings will continue this season. The Scratch Ranking System is designed for bowlers to earn points relative to how many bowlers bowl the event. The more bowlers that enter, the more points that are up for grabs. Points earned at each stop will remain with the bowler until that particular event the following season.

Last Season, Matt Smallin earned over 200 points to secure the position of NDBowling.com’s top ranked player. With the rotating points system, Smallin will have to match his previous years performances to maintain his overwhelming lead. Smallin won the NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic last season and earned 17.5 points.

The cost is $10 to enter and this entry is good for life. Contact Daren Seney (Seney1987@gmail.com) to sign up or you can find me at any Scratch Ranking event. Players will not be able to earn scratch ranking points until $10 entry has been paid.

For a full list of Scratch Ranking Events, complete rankings, and ranking information, click here.

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