NDBowling.com Major Preview: 2019 Morris Anderson Memorial Shootout

North Hill Bowl in Minot, ND will play host to the 16th Annual Morris Anderson Memorial Shootout this weekend. Most bowlers are fresh off a trip North to Winnipeg where a rather strong field bowlers were forced to make solid shots to compete. The conditions at the CMA Memorial Shootout will be no different. The talented field of USBC Eagle winners, past Team USA members, and Hall of Famers will be put to the test. Here are some of the story lines heading into the seasons second Major.

Major Opportunity
Much like the Manitoba Open, the Morris Anderson Memorial Shootout will also see a void when it comes to top tier players. As of this morning, defending champion Matt McNiel was the most notable name missing on the roster. Along with McNiel, key names such as Wilkins, Pate, and Chapman are missing as well. Not only do these bowlers continually make the cut at the Shootout, but they also compete for a spot in the NDBowlTV finals on a yearly basis.

If you are on the fence about bowling the Morris Anderson Memorial Shootout, I strongly encourage bowling in what has become one of the best tournaments in the region. Contact Jeff Kragh at North Hill Bowl to sign up. (701-852-4108)

Same Pattern, Same Result?
The 2019 Morris Anderson Memorial Shootout will feature the same pattern used in the 2018 Shootout. Does this mean the results will be the same? Not so fast my friend. The 40 foot custom pattern promotes a wide range of angles to the pocket. Because of this, success will come down to shot making and spare shooting.

Last season, 4 of the final 5 qualified 14th or lower on Saturday. One thing this tournament has proved over time is that success in Saturday’s qualifying round doesn’t always lead to success on Sunday. The oil pattern leaves this tournament wide open.

300 Game in Qualifying Could net 3rd Place Money
For the past several years, Farmers Union Insurance has been providing $300 for the first 300 game bowled in qualifying each year. Problem is, no bowler has thrown a 300 in qualifying to claim the pot. As a result, the 300 game pot is up to $2100 this season. Based on the estimated prize list, $2100 would be more than the 3rd place finisher will take home on Sunday.

Last season, qualifying leader Andy Mills fell one shot short of claiming the 300 game pot in the final game of qualifying, finishing with a 299 game.

NDBowling.com Bold Predictions
I expect the cut to be in the -20 to +20 range. I think success on the left side of the lane will depend on the qualifying round. Those who are able to survive the conditions on Saturday will find great success on Sunday. Remember, the only lefty who made the cut last season ended up winning the tournament. Here are my Bold Predictions for the 2019 CMA Memorial Shootout. (In no particular order)

– Eric Parvey
– Nick Heilman
– Dave Langer
– Brady Stearns
– Jeremiah Smith

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