NDBowling.com Major Preview: 2019 KFYR TV Bowling Classic

The KFYR TV Bowling Classic is in its 33rd year of existence. The past 32 years have provided champions of all ages and several memories that were all captured live on KFYR TV (local NBC affiliate). The KFYR is the only Major that is still broadcast on live local TV. The TV show and competition level have created a tradition unlike any other Major here at NDBowling.com. Here are a few story lines that will only add to the level of excitement at the 33rd edition of the KFYR TV Bowling Classic.

Oil Boom
Last season, the KFYR TV Bowling Classic featured a 1.94-1 ratio oil pattern that lead to a -11 cut for the top 30. The pattern also lead to bowlers using polyester bowling balls on the TV show to create the best look due to burned up fronts and a lack of miss room towards the center of the lane.

This season, will see more of an oil boom. The pattern being used for the 2019 KFYR TV Bowling Classic is a custom 43 foot pattern with a volume of 33 ml and a ratio of 2.65-1. On paper, this pattern will promote playing an area on the lane closer to the track to find a reaction. The volume in the pattern should help the condition hold up throughout each day of competition, but will be dependent on how the players transition with the pattern. With the oil ratio being a bit higher than last season, I expect the cut to be a bit higher as well. Look for players who can create hold in the middle part of the lane while still being able to carry the corner pins to be toward the top of the leader board. I expect the cut to be in the neighborhood of +25 to +50.

NDBowling.com Player of the Year Race Already Over?
2018-2019 NDBowling.com Player of the Year race is entering the 6th of 8 events and the race could already be over. At 114.72 points, Mike Larson leads Jeremiah Smith by over 36 points. Larson finished 5th in Winnipeg and 8th in Minot after a strong showing last Fall that included a 2nd place finish at the NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic. Larson is on a historic pace and could challenge the points record of 153.68 held by Thomas Wolf. A good showing by Larson this weekend could all but lock up Player of the Year honors with two events remaining. For complete rankings, visit the rankings tab at the top of the page.

First Time Major Winner?
The last 3 seasons have produced a first time Major winner at the KFYR TV Bowling Classic. Tad Schmidt (2016), Mike Green (2017), and Scott Endersbe (2018) all captured their first NDBowling.com Major Titles following victories at the KFYR. Could we see a 4th this season? Names like Thomas Wolf, Mike Larson, Brad Nordick, Doug Wagner, and Randy Peterson are some of the first names that come to mind. The KFYR TV Bowling Classic has provided lightening in a bottle for several people over the years and this season looks wide open as well. Will we see another first time Major winner on Sunday? Or will a past champion spoil the party?

Bold Predictions
The 2019 KFYR TV Bowling Classic will once again feature a sold out field of 120 bowlers all looking for a coveted NDBowling.com Major Title. Here are my bold predictions. (In no particular order)

– Mike Larson
– Tad Schmidt
– Doug Wagner
– Matt Smallin
– Aaron Petrowitz

The show on Sunday will be at Noon central on all Western North Dakota NBC stations. Tune in next week for a complete recap of the event.

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