How Do You Say has been around the bowling scene for over 3 years now. While becoming a household name among frequent bowlers, the way we say may be leading others to the wrong website.

Over the past month or so, I have attended a few tournaments where announcements are made in regards to and NDBowlTV. While some understand how important it is to say it as it appears, many automatically see the “ND” portion of the site name and call it “North Dakota”. That is fine and all since, in reality, that is what it stands for. However, what most people don’t know is that is a completely different website. is a site devoted to the North Dakota Bowling Proprietors Association. While the site may give you a few bits of information you may see on, you will not be able to find the things fans have come to know and love about such as tournament recaps, and NDBowlTV.
So the next time you are in a casual conversation among bowlers or in a tournament introducing the website in some way, be sure to say it as it appears. We would like to make sure our fans are going to the correct website. The main form of advertising for would be you the fans.

Thank you for being loyal fans of and the sport of bowling itself.

Tune in Saturday at 11 AM for live coverage of the SunOpta Sweeper on NDBowlTV! Daren Seney and Matt Smallin will be in the booth covering this event. Click the NDBowlTV tab above for more information!

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