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Bowler Spotlight is a new Series designed to increase bowler recognition and to help others get to know the faces of bowling in North Dakota. This multi-part series will run every other Tuesday and will include bowlers from around the state, as well as bowling centers, pro shops, and tournament event staffs. For this part of the series, we traveled to the Grand Forks area to get to know Barry Zimmerman.

When I first decided to start the Bowler Spotlight series, I knew it would be a challenge to get as much information from the bowlers that were chosen. Up to this point, those who have been included in the series have been very cooperative in sharing their successes and experiences with me. However, I knew there would be an instance where the bowler just prefers to be modest in listing accomplishments. Barry Zimmerman, you are that guy. So lets meet Barry, according to him.

Zimmerman (Orange) pictured at the National Bowling Stadium with the Breakpoint Pro Shop team after briefly taking the Team Lead at the USBC Open Championships

Barry Zimmerman
Hometown: Grand Forks, ND
Occupation: Xcel Energy
Home Bowling Center: Red Ray Lanes

Career Achievements:
26 – 300’s
7 – 800’s

Highlight of Bowling Career so Far:
PBA Regional Title (Appleton Wisc)

In a nut shell, Barry throws a lot of strikes and won a PBA Regional Event.

It seems hard to believe that a guy with a PBA Regional title and over 30 honor scores to his name hasn’t won more events or has some fairly interesting stories to tell. Aside from crossing with Barry at a few events in ND over the years, I don’t know much about his bowling history. However, with a little digging, I found a couple stories to share with our viewers.

– In 2010, Barry shot the first 300 of the USBC Open Championships in Reno, NV. You can read all about it in the article here.

– In 1998, Zimmerman won the WDAY/WDAZ Bowling Classic.

– Earlier this season, Zimmerman was a member of the Breakpoint Pro Shop team that briefly took the team lead at the USBC Open Championships in Reno. You can read about it here.

Barry is one of the more classy guys I have ever met in bowling. He is always humble and easy to talk to. It seems like Barry is near the top in many of the events I bowl with him. I know this bowler spotlight does not do his career justice, but it also solidifies what Barry is all about. He is a classy guy who doesn’t like to get caught up in all the accolades.

This bowler spotlight will need help from our viewers. Please leave a comment or story about Barry to help everyone understand how great of a guy/bowler he is.

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