2013-2014 Season Preview

It may be the middle of summer, but it is not to early to start thinking about the upcoming bowling season. For many, leagues start up about a month to a month and a half from now. I personally love the start of bowling season. Friends are re-antiquated and several stories are shared in regards to summer happenings. As the weather begins to turn colder, the action on the lanes starts heating up. Scratch and handicap tournaments are being held as early as October, so there is an event out there for everyone itching to feed their competitive spirit. Although I may not be such a fan of colder weather, my favorite part about the beginning of bowling season are the potential story lines for the upcoming season. Who will breakthrough and win their first event this year? Will anyone be able to take down ND Storm at the State Team tournament? Will anyone become a first time Major winner? Who will emerge as the NDBowling.com Tour Player of the Year? The stories and possible answers to those stories are endless. The beauty about the sport of bowling is that anyone can win at any time and anyone can struggle at any time as well. It is a sport that is impossible to perfect due to the conditions and equipment, much similar to golf. I look forward to documenting these story lines as the year progresses here on NDBowling.com.

What to expect from NDBowling.com this season

NDBowling.com Banner

This season marks the first full season for NDBowling.com. Last year, NDBowling.com had over 11,000 separate visits to the site. The site proved to be a success as many tournaments saw better turnouts due to timely updates to our event calendar. I have always felt as if local bowlers became more educated about the events that are available to them then they would be more likely to attend these events and that proved to be the case last season. So what can you expect out of NDBowling.com this season? The NDBowling.com Tour will headline the changes made this year. The Tour will consist of several events from around the region and award those who perform at a high level in the biggest events. The Tour points system will ultimately determine the Player and Team of the year award winners at seasons end. For more information on the NDBowling.com Tour, please click on the “Tour” tab above.

NDBowling.com Power Sleeve

NDBowling.com Jersey Option

This season will also mark a campaign to spread the NDBowling.com brand. The NDBowling.com Logo and brand has become recognizable by many and we would like to continue that trend into this season. For Bowling Centers and Pro Shops, we will be selling official NDBowling.com banners. These banners measure 3′ X 12′ and would look great in any establishment. If you would like to order an official NDBowling.com Banner, please email Seney1987@gmail.com for details. Along with banners, NDBowling.com has teamed up with High 5 Gear to provide NDBowling.com Merchandise. High 5 Gear has designed jerseys and power sleeves featuring the NDBowling.com Logo. Feel free to visit www.high5gear.com to design your own NDBowling.com merchandise.

NDBowling.com is also looking for Sponsors this season.  Sponsers will be eligible for naming rights to the NDBowling.com Tour and Challenge events.  Sponsers will also be listed on each page of the site.  Sponsorship money will be used for Tour awards and added money to Challenge events.  If you are interested in sponsoring NDBowling.com please contact Daren Seney at Seney1987@gmail.com for details.  This is a great opportunity for any business!

I hope to see you all out on the lanes this season!

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